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Vorys eControl works with brands to achieve the following:

Remove Unauthorized Sellers

We have developed and led programs on behalf of hundreds of brands that have resulted in the efficient, effective and permanent removal of unauthorized online sellers on Amazon and other websites around the globe.

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MAP Compliance

We have worked with clients to implement comprehensive programs to successfully achieve MAP compliance on the marketplaces and other websites.

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Eliminate Channel Conflict

Vorys eControl has helped brands eliminate complaints from authorized sellers, achieve MAP compliance across channels and grow distribution and reseller networks through control of their online sales.

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Control & Grow Online Marketplace Sales

Clients that have implemented our customized, end-to-end strategies have experienced significantly increased control over online marketplace sales and, as a result, substantially increased their online sales.

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Protect Brand Value & Customer Experience

By taking control over who is selling their products online, manufacturers have increased the quality of their products being delivered, improved online reviews and content, and strengthened their overall customer experience.

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Stop Product Diversion

We have worked with clients to stop schemes diverting products from unauthorized channels and international markets, eliminating consumer confusion, and brand erosion.

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What happens when you
lose control of your online sales?

Brand Equity Erosion

Unauthorized sellers make no investment in your brand, do not provide quality controls, services or benefits, and disrupt your brand value.

Negative Reviews

Unauthorized sellers often sell damaged, expired, or otherwise poor quality products, which lead to bad reviews that typically blame the brand, not the seller.

Lost Sales

Unauthorized sellers interfere with marketplace growth strategies and reduce authorized sellers' motive to invest in growing sales for your brand.

Upset Dealers

Unauthorized resellers often cause massive channel conflict, upsetting authorized channel partners and reducing their incentive to carry and promote your brand.

Let us help you get back in control.

Vorys eControl provides comprehensive, end-to-end services to help
businesses address these growing challenges.



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Vorys eControl Strategy Development & Consulting Team regularly creates cutting-edge strategies that include each of the necessary components to help businesses control their online sales and achieve their business goals. We educate company stakeholders on these evolving challenges and how to resolve them.

Strategy Consultations


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Vorys eControl Foundational Team works with companies to prepare and implement the foundational items necessary to protect brand value, increase eCommerce sales and eliminate channel conflict.

Authorized Reseller
Grey Market
Quality Control

Online Seller

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Vorys eControl Online Seller Enforcement Team helps businesses develop and implement customized enforcement systems that are tailored to meet their business goals and budgets. We help companies implement the comprehensive enforcement strategies needed to control online sales and maximize ROI.

Data & Analytics

Outcomes: Winning with eControl

Toy Company
Improvement to MAP Compliance Rates for a Vorys Client
March 2018
September 2018
Healthcare Product Manufacturer
Improvement to MAP Compliance Rates for a Vorys Client
December 2017
June 2018
Cosmetics Company
Improvement to Monthly Authorized Sales Capture for a Vorys Client
February 2018
July 2018
Learn how to help stop unauthorized sellers
on online marketplaces and regain control of your brand.

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Vorys’ unauthorized sales program worked. It is cost-efficient, really reigned in unauthorized sales and freed up people in our organization to focus on other business needs.
Darcy Manning, COO & General Counsel, DHC USA Inc.
Many companies try to clean up the marketplaces with half measures, such as technology, takedown requests or just C&D letters. Vorys provides a truly comprehensive approach that is needed to stop unauthorized sales of products on Amazon and other marketplaces. Vorys is the only solution I recommend today to my clients that need to clean up their unauthorized sales on the marketplaces.
James Thomson, Former Amazon Senior Manager, Current Partner Buy-Box Experts
We did not have a good MAP compliance percentage on Amazon and other online marketplaces before engaging Vorys eControl. The team helped us go from 20% MAP compliance on Amazon in December 2017 to 95% MAP compliance just six months later. This made an immediate impact for our company.
Chris Mayhew, National Sales Manager, Spectra Baby U.S.A.