About Us

About Us

Vorys eControl was founded on this vision: to provide effective, efficient and legally compliant solutions that allow companies to protect and grow their brand value by controlling sales in the age of eCommerce. Today, we represent nearly 300 brands, including several of the world’s largest companies. We regularly speak across the country educating companies and service providers regarding innovative solutions to the challenges involved in controlling sales across online and brick-and-mortar channels.

Identifying and neutralizing issues with unauthorized sales, MAP violations, brand equity, erosion, product diversion and quality control, Vorys helps companies achieve their goals with an array of services from consultations and strategy development to providing foundational polices and enforcement. Vorys’ full scope of services allows us to provide a truly comprehensive approach that delivers unique business value.


Vorys eControl includes a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who have years of experience working with
companies to develop effective and legal strategies to control
their sales in the age of eCommerce.

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Vorys eControl is comprised of attorneys and professionals
with decades of experience in a variety of critical areas.

Whitney C. Gibson Partner & Head of Group
Daren S. Garcia Partner
Rajeev K. Adlakha Partner
Alycia N. Broz Partner
Colleen M. Devanney Partner
Lisa Babish Forbes Partner
Rodney A. Holaday Partner
Iona N. Kaiser Partner
William D. Kloss Jr. Partner
Martha Brewer Motley Partner
Tyler B. Pensyl Partner
Adam C. Sherman Partner
Natalia Steele Partner
Leslie A. Allen Associate
Meredith J. Caplan Associate
Jessica Knopp Cunning Associate
Laura E. Erdman Associate
T. Blake Finney Associate
Jordan Z. Glavinos Associate
Robert T. Grise Associate
Maureen E. Kelly Associate
Bridget M. Kozlowski Associate
Emma K. Morehart Associate
Tom Panighetti Associate
Mallory O. Peterson Associate
Katie L. Steiner Associate
Daniel C. Wucherer Associate
Mark C. Zheng Associate

Focus on
Business Value

Vorys eControl has vast experience in developing and implementing strategies that protect and grow brand value for companies. We have worked with business leaders, directors of eCommerce, VPs of sales, in-house legal departments and other stakeholders at many large brands across the country to provide value-driven results.

We don’t believe in wasting resources playing “whack-a-mole.” Seller enforcement programs need to create business value to be sustainable and worth the investment. Our understanding and focus on driving business value differentiates us from other enforcement or legal groups.

Thought Leadership
& Innovative Strategies

Vorys eControl embodies a think-tank mentality that focuses obsessively on developing cutting-edge strategies, systems and approaches that help companies control sales and protect and grow their brands. We do this in a manner that is efficient, effective, legally sound and individually designed to help our clients meet their unique business goals.

The strategies we develop empower our clients to grow eCommerce sales, control marketplace sales, modernize their distribution channels, run successful MAP programs, remove unauthorized sellers, and disrupt sophisticated domestic and international grey market diversion schemes.

We received the 2017 Innovation Award from the College of Law Practice Management for creating a unique and effective approach that combines technology, investigation and law to address brands’ unauthorized seller issues.


We have represented nearly 300 leading companies in several industries, ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to niche product companies. We work daily with C-suite executives as well as leaders in e-commerce, sales and legal departments at many of the world’s largest brands.

Our broad experience in representing many globally recognized brands across numerous industries has allowed us to see first-hand what works and what does not. We are uniquely positioned to advise our clients on best practices in light of their specific business goals.