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November 18, 2021

Reducing Gray Market Sales Doesn’t Have to be so Hard

Gray Market activity on Amazon continues to accelerate, putting brands at risk of losing sales and profits. While this activity increases, so does the confusion regarding what tactics are most effective in shutting down unauthorized sellers. This leaves many brands overwhelmed, not knowing ...
October 25, 2021

Channel Management Strategies that Optimize Sales Control

Commerce has been irrevocably transformed in the age of online marketplaces. The online marketplace explosion has plagued brands with countless unknown marketplace sellers who are neither loyal nor accountable to the brands they purport to represent. These anonymous sellers obtain and handle ...
September 16, 2021

20 Things to Consider When Preparing a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy - Part 4

MAP Policy Part Four: Think of Your MAP Policy as Good Athleisure. We were going to compare a good MAP policy to a tailored suit, but we thought athleisure would be more appropriate. Your MAP policy should be something you can live in day in and day out. The key to making that happen is ...
September 7, 2021

20 Things to Consider When Preparing a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy - Part 3

MAP Policy Part Three: Life Is Complicated; Your MAP Policy Shouldn’t Be. Attention spans are short; do your resellers really want to read and digest a MAP policy that is long and overly complicated? This week Vorys eControl dives into what you can do to help increase reseller compliance with ...
August 24, 2021

eControl in the Beauty and Personal Care Category

eCommerce – and online marketplaces in particular - presents a huge growth opportunity for beauty and personal care brands. But, as online platforms gain substantial share in the category, brands face growing threats to their online sales revenue. Beauty and personal care companies are ...
August 18, 2021

20 Things to Consider When Preparing a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy - Part 2

MAP Policy Part Two: So. Many. Acronyms. MAP vs. iMAP vs. eMAP vs. MSRP The acronyms thrown around in connection with a MAP policy are enough to make your head spin. During this week’s MAP policy blog post, Vorys eControl sets it straight and also identifies what to think about from a ...
August 11, 2021

20 Things to Consider When Preparing a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy - Part 1

MAP Policy Part One: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning; a Very Good Place to Start. At Vorys eControl, we have helped hundreds of companies design, draft, and implement a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy that complements their broader eControl program. Inevitably, common themes, issues, ...
June 25, 2021

UK Competition and Markets Authority Recommends Post-Brexit Changes to Competition Laws Governing Distribution and Online Sales

On June 17, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (‘CMA’) published a keenly awaited consultation document setting out its proposed recommendations to the UK Government for the new domestic competition law regime for vertical agreements. The CMA’s approach is welcome news for eControl ...
June 22, 2021

How Brand Manufacturers Can Manage Messy Online Marketplaces

In early 2021, Forrester, in partnership with Vorys eControl, conducted a survey of brand manufacturer executives about their digital commerce strategies. The first Digital State of Brand Manufacturers Study included questions about brands’ focus on direct-to-consumer sales, wholesale dot-com ...
June 10, 2021

The eControl Online Sales Control Solution Process

Wondering what process to follow in developing and implementing an online sales control solution for your brand? The Strategy, Foundation, Enforcement process often helps drive the best results. This approach focuses first on strategically assessing your business performance, desired commercial ...