August 19, 2020

Amazon for the Direct Sales Industry: The Pains and Pitfalls


Direct selling companies have unique business models and even more unique distribution strategies. They sell their products through a vast distribution network of independent sales representatives and amplify their voices through personal networking and social media. Direct selling companies strive to increase brand awareness and revenue by providing their independent sales representatives with the tools needed to deliver quality products and a personalized sales experience to their end customers.

However, the rise of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have increased instances of products and brands being misrepresented to a wide audience. Further, the products available on online marketplaces, usually by unauthorized sellers that do not respect the brand’s guidelines, are often of poor quality, leading to poor customer experience This can lead to negative ratings and reviews, and bad exposure for the brand. In addition, the fact that products are available on these marketplaces--often at low prices due to diverters exploiting the direct selling company’s compensation plan--leads to blowback from the field. As online marketplaces continue to grow, so does this trend, further eroding brand equity and revenue growth potential.

In this Virtual Roundtable, hear from leaders at Isagenix, Pattern and Vorys eControl as they discuss Amazon for the Direct Sales Industry: The Pains and Pitfalls. They will answer your most pressing questions and provide insights geared towards the specific dynamics that direct sellers are facing today. This hour-long virtual roundtable will equip you with best-in-class strategies and practices to mitigate these pain points while protecting and growing your brand (in ways that will not upset your field).

Join us for this virtual event on Tuesday, August 25 at 1 p.m. EST to learn more. Click here to register.