August 5, 2020

Common Pricing Policies: Confused About Which Is Right For Your Brand?

Common pricing policies: which is right for your brand?

Many companies in the U.S. have difficulty determining which pricing policy is right for their brands and intended go-to-market strategy. It is easy to get confused when weighing the pros and cons of “MAP” (Minimum Advertised Price), “MRP” (Minimum Resale Price, aka “Colgate”) and MSRP (“Minimum Suggested Retail Price”) and all of the potential variants thereof. The below chart provides a summary of key considerations when determining which pricing policy is best for your business. You can also access our whitepaper: The Winning Strategy For MAP Success and Long Term Brand Value in the eCommerce Market. If you would like to discuss your company’s pricing policy strategy, please contact Daren Garcia at or 513.723.4076.

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