March 18, 2022

Control Online Sales in the U.S. and Europe for Optimized Growth

Excerpt from the webinar 'Control Online Sales in the U.S. and Europe for Optimized Growth'

Online sales control is possible in both the U.S. and Europe, and the need for control across geographies is higher than ever before.

In a recent webinar, Sarah Long, Partner at Euclid Law, Daren Garcia, Partner at Vorys eControl and Jessica Cunning, Partner at Vorys eControl discussed the similarities and differences between a U.S. and European online sales control program to achieve successful eCommerce growth.

Discussion topics addressed:

  • The critical need for online sales control across geographies
  • Key distribution and sales control elements needed to address growing challenges
  • Differences in seller enforcement & monitoring tools when in the U.S. vs. Europe
  • Online sales control as a function of empowering sales growth and protecting brand value
  • And more

View the full recording here.