January 26, 2022

Controlling Amazon Sales In Europe: Key Similarities and Differences Between Your US and European eControl Programs


eControl Across the Pond

So you want an online sales control program for your #brand in Europe? A common question we get at Vorys eControl is “can I do eControl in Europe?” The short answer is “yes, you can achieve similar results; the path is just a bit different in Europe given the law.”

Some key similarities and key differences between a U.S. and a European eControl Program include the following (and it goes a bit deeper than swapping in an “s” for a “z” in unauthorised sellers):

Key Similarities

  1. Control is critical for optimum marketplace growth
  2. Appropriately controlling distribution is a key first step
  3. A clear Roadmap to Control is important for efficient implementation

Key Differences

  1. Selective distribution forms the key authorized and unauthorized seller control foundation
  2. MAP policies cannot be implemented in Europe
  3. Your brand’s marketshare will be a key variable in the type of online sales control strategy that can be implemented.

Download eControl Across the Pond for detailed information on the key eControl similarities and differences in the U.S. and Europe or fill out our contact form to request more information about how to replicate the results of your U.S. eControl program in Europe.