September 19, 2019

Daren Garcia to Speak at Seattle E^HACKATHON with Edge by Ascential


Daren Garcia, partner of Vorys eControl, will speak at the E^HACKATHON Seattle with Edge by Ascential on Sept. 24, 2019. At this event, fellow leaders of change come together to learn hands-on what it takes to master eCommerce growth with Amazon, blasting beyond the basics to deep-dive case studies and hack sessions on the latest strategies, best practices and insights critical to win online.

In this session, Garcia will speak about the strategies, business policies and practices and enforcement techniques recommended to lawfully control brands online by removing harmful sellers and poor quality products and preventing price, profitability and brand equity erosion. In addition, he will provide insight into the problems that arise when companies fail to recognize the new paradigms at play and how they have disrupted traditional brand protection practices.

To learn more about the Seattle E^HACKATHON with Edge by Ascential, click here.