February 10, 2021

eControl Global Expands to Australia


In furtherance of its mission to identify and bring forward the world’s leading talent in online sales control, Vorys eControl announced today that its international coalition – eControl Global™ – is expanding to include a firm to help brands address the unique and growing challenges for businesses operating in Australia. Marque Lawyers, a Sydney-based law firm with deep expertise in key areas of digital markets, competition, distribution and intellectual property law, will work with Vorys eControl to develop comprehensive online sales control programs designed to help protect and grow brands in Australia. In Australia, eControl will be led by Hannah Marshall, partner at Marque Lawyers, who formerly served as in-house counsel at eBay in Australia. With her vast experience at the intersection of competition law, intellectual properties and digital markets, Hannah will provide eControl clients with thought-leading strategies and online sales control solutions in Australia that are designed to protect and grow brands as they expand their eCommerce presence in the country.

As it is globally, eCommerce is quickly growing in Australia. The country poses many legal and commercial complexities. As brands operating in Australia are quickly realizing, uncontrolled and unauthorized online sales can impede sales volume growth, cause significant brand equity erosion, and lead to a poor consumer experience.

Marque Lawyers joins Vorys eControl in America and Euclid Law in Europe to further expand eControl Global. The collective experience of the firms positions them to offer cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions to businesses’ eCommerce-related challenges.

“We repeatedly hear from our clients about the importance of Australian marketplaces in global expansion plans,” said Whitney Gibson, partner and chair of Vorys eControl. “With the addition of Marque to eControl Global, our teams can better support brands globally to maximize growth and brand value across all channels.”

About Vorys eControl:

Vorys eControl – a division of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP – provides integrated solutions to help brands control the sales of their products in the eCommerce age. Vorys eControl attorneys have represented more than 500 brands, including many of the world’s largest companies. Learn more at vorysecontrol.com. eControl Global™ -- which was founded by Vorys eControl – is a coalition focused on designing, implementing and enforcing eControl solutions around the world. The eControl Global platform provides brands with an interdisciplinary coalition of independent legal, investigatory, channel management, technology, and data analytics professionals and firms that bring to bear the largest suite of data, tools and services to meet our clients’ online sales challenges. To learn more about eControl Global, visit vorysecontrol.com/econtrol-global.

About Marque Lawyers:

Marque Lawyers is a 26-attorney, Sydney-based law firm formed in 2008 with the goal of changing the way that law is practiced. Marque is different from other law firms. We invest in long-term relationships with our clients. We measure the value we provide in the same way that you do, by reference to your commercial goals, risks and constraints. And we love doing what we do. Marque’s lawyers are experienced in intellectual property, competition and distribution law. With a unique understanding of the intersection of digital markets and Australian law, Marque brings significant commercial value for brands seeking to expand and manage their eCommerce business in Australia towards better commercial outcomes. Learn more at marquelawyers.com.au/.

Clients of Vorys eControl that request the assistance of Marque Lawyers in Australia will enter into a separate engagement letter with Marque Lawyers. The terms of clients’ engagements with the two firms, each of which is a separate and independent law firm, will be governed by these engagement letters, which describe in greater detail the relationships among the parties. Each law firm is responsible only for its own services. Read more.