May 18, 2020

Experienced Retail and eCommerce Executive Joins Vorys eControl, Will Further Drive Development and Implementation of Commercially Successful eControl Strategies for Clients


Vorys eControl announced today that Robin Gabel has joined the team as its business strategy officer. Prior to joining Vorys eControl, Gabel spent nearly 15 years as a CPG brand executive working at the intersection of traditional retail and eCommerce.

In furtherance of eControl’s mission to help companies increase revenue and margin growth through online sales control, Gabel will leverage her deep knowledge and experience in brand management, sales and omnichannel strategy to enhance clients’ commercial success through the implementation of eControl programs.

“Robin is widely known as a thought leader in implementing eControl solutions that allowed her organization to help optimize distribution, reduce channel conflict and drive financial returns,” said Whitney Gibson, partner and chair of Vorys eControl. “She was responsible for guiding her organization through this evolution and meeting the many rapid industry changes that have followed. Robin will be a valuable asset for both our eControl team and our clients.”

“The Vorys eControl team was one of the first service providers to truly understand the strategies necessary to control online marketplace sales, which provides a foundation for profitable business growth,” Gabel said. “The opportunity to join this multidisciplinary team and use my experience to help brands develop and implement eControl strategies that drive improved commercial returns was incredibly attractive to me and led to my joining the team.”

Gabel received her bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University and her MBA from Willamette University. Gabel lives with her family in suburban Portland, Oregon.

Gabel is not licensed to practice law in any state and does not provide legal services.