December 14, 2020

Online Sales Control In Europe


European manufacturers and brands are grappling with how best to maintain lawful control over their sales in the age of Amazon. Business as usual is no longer a viable option for companies concerned about their long-term brand value – the massive disruption of distribution strategies caused by the increasing shift to eCommerce is coming too quickly and the stakes are too high. As brands operating in Europe are quickly realizing, uncontrolled and unauthorized online sales can materially impair growth through lost sales, cause significant brand equity erosion, and lead to a poor consumer experience inconsistent with their desired brand image. Brands grappling with these challenges in Europe must also deal with a more complex legal environment and ensure that any actions they take are effective and compliant with applicable law.

In this webinar on December 17 at 11:00 a.m. ET, Daren Garcia, partner at eControl Global, will discuss strategies for maintaining lawful online sales control in Europe. Click here to register.