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April 15, 2019

Another Federal Court Ruling Strengthens Brands' Approach to Reduce Grey Market Sales on Amazon

A Colorado federal court has entered judgment against an unauthorized grey market seller that further strengthens the ability of brands to stop the unauthorized sales of their products on Amazon and other online marketplaces. The ruling is the second of its kind in less than six months, and ...
April 3, 2019

New Law in China Promotes Protection of Intellectual Property Rights on Online Marketplaces

In January, a new law took effect in China that requires eCommerce operators to better protect the intellectual property rights of their users. According to a press release by the Library of Congress, the People’s Republic of China’s new Electronic Commerce Law divides “e-commerce ...
March 26, 2019

Apple Designates Amazon As an Authorized Reseller of Apple

Highlighting the Importance of Online Sales Control for Even the World’s Most Powerful Brand recently became an Authorized Reseller of Apple products, meaning that Apple specifically approved the sale of its products on Amazon and, as a result, can better control its sales on the ...
March 19, 2019

Amazon Launches Project Zero to Combat Counterfeit Sales launched Project Zero earlier this month, a new anti-counterfeiting program that allows companies to remove counterfeit reproductions of their products from the online marketplace without first seeking permission from Amazon. Before Project Zero, companies had to request that Amazon ...
March 14, 2019

Amazon Deletes Pricing Parity Provision from Contracts with Third-Party Marketplace Sellers amended its agreements with third-party marketplace sellers to remove its pricing parity clause—indicating that Amazon no longer will prohibit its 3P sellers from selling their products for less on competing online marketplaces. The Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement used ...
March 12, 2019

eCommerce Executive Pleads Guilty to Price Fixing on Online Marketplace

eCommerce executive Daniel Aston, the former director and part owner of Trod Limited, pleaded guilty in January to conspiring to fix the prices of posters sold on online marketplaces. Both Aston and his company were charged in 2015 with price fixing, and the company pleaded guilty to the ...
March 8, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Halts Routine Orders from Thousands of Brands

Signaling Potential Shift in Focus to Marketplace Sales In the last week, has been reported to have discontinued its routine orders from thousands of brands that, until now, sold their products directly to Amazon through Vendor Central. This activity signals a potential fundamental ...
March 4, 2019

Amazon Annual Report Highlights Unauthorized Sales Challenges on Platform

In its Form 10-K Annual Report, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January, Amazon detailed potential risks to its business. According to published reports, Amazon this year disclosed risks associated with its inability to prevent the sale of “unlawful, counterfeit, ...
November 30, 2018

Court Ruling Provides Help to Brands Struggling with Grey Market Sales on Online Marketplaces

A California federal court has entered a final judgment that strengthens brands’ mission to rid online marketplaces of unauthorized sellers and preserve their brand equity. The ruling confirms that manufacturers have a viable strategy to combat grey market sellers and stop the unauthorized ...
September 20, 2017

Conducting Product Buys As Part of a Successful Investigation Strategy

This is the final article in a three-part series regarding investigating third-party online sellers. The first article, “Investigation Basics: Uncovering Third-Party Online Sellers,” appeared as a guest blog post on the Wiser Solutions blog. Part two, “Researching Marketplace Review ...