August 19, 2020

Struggling to Stop Unauthorized Amazon or Other Marketplace Sellers? Companies Must Take A Holistic Approach To Win.

Many companies struggle to stop unauthorized sellers from harming their brands. In working with upwards of 500 brands and manufacturers across the world on this issue, we have seen a distinct theme across many companies that continually struggle: they try to solve their challenges with ...
August 12, 2020

What is Stopping You from Adopting Selective Distribution? Three Common Myths Dispelled

Selective distribution offers brands a ready-made and well-established means of ensuring that their products are sold in a consistent and high quality sales environment across Europe. It does so by limiting sales of a brand’s products to a network of resellers that meet its specified ...
August 10, 2020

Protection and Growth Strategies for Beauty & Personal Care Brands in the eCommerce Age

UPDATE: This webinar has already taken place. Click here to view the recording. Join us August 18 at 1:30 p.m. for a webinar titled “Protection and Growth Strategies for Beauty & Personal Care Brands in the eCommerce Age.” This event – hosted by BWG Connect – will provide a detailed ...
Common pricing policies: which is right for your brand?
August 5, 2020

Common Pricing Policies: Confused About Which Is Right For Your Brand?

Many companies in the U.S. have difficulty determining which pricing policy is right for their brands and intended go-to-market strategy. It is easy to get confused when weighing the pros and cons of “MAP” (Minimum Advertised Price), “MRP” (Minimum Resale Price, aka “Colgate”) and ...
July 29, 2020

Daren Garcia of Vorys eControl Joins OrcaPacific eCommerce Deep Dive Live Virtual Panel

Vorys eControl’s Daren Garcia will present as part of Orca Pacific’s eCommerce Deep Dive Live: Mastering Super-Q4 & Beyond. Daren will join a panel of industry experts to discuss “Retail Readiness: Delivering a Holistic Customer Experience” on August 4 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. ...
July 29, 2020

Unauthorized Amazon Seller Enforcement: Two Metrics That Matter and Two That Don’t

Many brands engage in some form of enforcement activity against unauthorized Amazon sellers. Few brands, however, focus their enforcement efforts on driving metrics that translate into real commercial improvement. Most brands’ ultimate goal is to stop lost sales or erosion of their ...
July 22, 2020

Five Reasons Why Your Unauthorized Seller Enforcement Strategy Is Not Driving Meaningful Results

We regularly hear from companies that are engaged in unauthorized seller enforcement but are failing to drive commercially meaningful results. Here are five reasons why your current strategy is holding you back: 1. There Is No Legal Basis For Your Enforcement Tactics: As a threshold matter, it ...
Flashlight Reveal
July 10, 2020

Amazon Will Display Seller Identifying Information On Seller Profile Pages – What Does It Really Mean For Brands Trying To Stop Unauthorized Sales?

Amazon announced that it will display third-party seller names and addresses on its U.S. online marketplace beginning September 1, 2020, following a similar approach it has taken in Europe, Japan and Mexico. Amazon presumably refrained from displaying this information on the U.S. marketplace to ...
July 7, 2020

Upcoming Webinar: Leveraging A Top 3P Reseller and Selective Distribution in Europe

Brands across Europe are grappling with how to fully capitalize on the Amazon channel while preserving their brand value. A key component of success in the Amazon channel and, more broadly, omni-channel success is implementing and protecting the right Amazon distribution method. For many ...
European Distribution Strategy in the eCommerce Age
June 30, 2020

European Distribution Strategy in the eCommerce Age – A Primer on Selective Distribution

The explosive growth of eCommerce channels has required brands to completely rethink their go-to-market strategies. Across Europe, the commercial dynamics created by eCommerce, in particular the growth of open online marketplaces like Amazon, have rendered many decades-long business practices ...