March 2, 2021

Protect & Grow Your Brand on Australian Marketplaces: Leveraging a Marketplace Accelerator and Brand Control Strategy


UPDATE: This webinar has already taken place. Click here to view the recording.

As Australian eCommerce continues its rapid growth, brands are increasingly becoming more strategic with respect to how they approach online marketplace selling in the country. Without a clear control and growth strategy in place, brands will face diminished brand value, decreased sales and share loss to competitors. In this webinar designed for brand leaders across sales, eCommerce and legal departments, leaders from Pattern, a preeminent global online marketplace accelerator, and eControl Global, a world leader in online sales control solutions, will provide an overview of how brands can drive profitable growth in Australian online marketplace channels. In particular, we will cover:

  • How an expert marketplace accelerator can drive sales for your brand;
  • How to conform your distribution practices to support profitable growth online;
  • How to stop unauthorized online sellers from disrupting your brand’s marketplace sales in Australia;
  • How success online can drive better business offline