June 20, 2022

The Negative Impact of Not Having a Brand SERP Strategy


In the age of digital marketing, brands spend countless hours strategizing to improve SERP rankings. Focusing on SERP rankings alone is not enough to drive online conversion and revenues. Brands need to be aware of the potential disruption from unauthorized sellers or counterfeiters that divert their online sales. Advertisements divert traffic away from brands D2C and authorized marketplace listings.

This negative impact can lead to:

  • Decreased traffic to your website
  • Increased advertising expenses
  • Erosion and disruption of sales and brand value on Amazon and other marketplaces

Implementing the right SERP control strategy may lead to brand revenue optimization and profitable ROAS.

Join Whitney Gibson, Chair for Vorys eControl and BWG Connect on June 23 at 11 am as they host the webinar: Stop Online Conversion Thefts by Implementing a SERP Control Strategy. Learn how to put into place a comprehensive SERP control solution for brands seeking to protect and optimize this critical channel.

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