May 2, 2019

Vorys eControl Attorneys Author White Paper on Strategies for eCommerce Success in the European Market


Vorys eControl attorneys Whitney Gibson, Daren Garcia and Mark Zheng recently published a white paper detailing the steps brands can take to best respond to the challenges posed by the fast-expanding online marketplace channel in Europe.

The paper—“European Distribution Strategy and Unauthorized Seller Enforcement in the eCommerce Age”—is a playbook for brands currently experiencing – or hoping to avoid – degradation of their brand image and equity as a result of the unauthorized sale of their products by low-quality online marketplace sellers across Europe. Many brands believe they have little to no ability to prevent these harms, but clear strategies exist that will benefit brands for years to come.

Throughout the paper, the authors explain applicable European law, distribution methods and enforcement tactics that brands can consider when evaluating how best to protect long term brand value in the eCommerce age.

You may download a copy of the white paper by clicking here.