July 31, 2019

Whitney Gibson Scheduled to Speak at B2B Next Conference in October


In the age of eCommerce, many brands are trying to determine the best way to control and grow sales of their products on Amazon and other third-party marketplaces. A lack of control often results in brand erosion and leaves a trail of channel conflict, negative reviews and lost sales.

Whitney Gibson, Vorys eControl chair and partner, will facilitate a workshop at the upcoming B2B Next Conference in Chicago on October 1, 2019 to address these challenges. Gibson, along with James Thomson of Buy Box Experts, will lead a workshop called, “Regaining Brand Control on Amazon While Maximizing Revenue and Profit” in an effort to educate B2B professionals about what they need to know to win in online marketplaces.

This session will cover strategies that brands can use to control the sales of the products on online marketplaces like Amazon and how to stop unauthorized sellers from interfering with their business.

For more information on this session, please click here.

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