Global eCommerce

Online marketplaces are growing rapidly around the world and continue to capture an ever-increasing share of eCommerce. 

Global sales on the top online marketplaces – led by the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Asia – have topped $2 trillion annually.  The world’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to further accelerate these figures in the coming months and years. 

This massive growth has brought with it numerous challenges for the world’s manufacturers and brands, including disrupted distribution strategies, rampant unauthorized sales, retail arbitrage, brand equity erosion and channel conflict, all of which can result in a poor consumer experience. 

In this new era, brands must take proactive steps to better control where, how, and by whom their products are sold.  These steps include developing a clear online sales strategy; implementing the necessary policies and agreements in authorized channels to assert necessary and lawful control over online sales; analyzing current business practices to understand the causes of online disruption; and effectively monitoring, investigating, and enforcing against unauthorized sellers. 

Given the global nature of eCommerce, brands need to address these issues in a coordinated manner within and across each of the geographic regions in which they operate.  This requires the development and implementation of solutions that serve the brand’s commercial goals and conform to the local legal and business realities in each market.  Such solutions are invariably multi-faceted, incorporating legal policies and agreements, channel management practices, monitoring and data analytics, investigations, enforcement, diversion diagnostics, root cause analysis, corrective commercial actions, and more.

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Our international coalition is standing by to assist with your questions and any problems you may have that stem from the inability to control online sales -- no matter the jurisdiction. 

eControl Global™

To help brands address these unique and growing eCommerce challenges internationally, Vorys eControl has launched eControl Global™ – an interdisciplinary group of firms focused on designing, implementing, and enforcing eControl solutions around the world.

eControl Global brings together legal, investigatory, channel management, technology, and data analytics professionals and firms to represent brands in key economic jurisdictions.  Clients of firms in the eControl Global initiative benefit from being able to access a deep bench of industry professionals around the world through a single point of contact.  By virtue of the knowledge and experience that these members have in the eCommerce market, eControl firms can help brands create and implement eControl programs that facilitate global commercial goals and efficiently scale across international markets, while also appropriately conforming to local laws and business realities. 

Each business’ unique objectives, channel strategies, and distribution methods are important factors in designing, implementing, and enforcing a commercially effective and legally compliant eControl strategy for each geographic region.