June 22, 2021

Act now to capture long-term gains as e-commerce rises

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For businesses today, e-commerce is a primary channel, rapidly increasing in importance. As a result, companies must be able to understand shifts in buying behaviors and quickly adapt their strategies to meet their customers’ needs. Managing a multichannel strategy that connects best-in-class e-commerce capabilities is critical for companies to remain competitive and in touch with future customers.

In early 2021, ZS and Vorys eControl surveyed more than 100 executives across industries to understand current e-commerce trends and challenges, as well as their plans to invest in developing e-commerce capabilities. The companies­­­­ that participated in the survey ranked key factors in the struggle to shift their go-to-market strategy and prioritize e-commerce. They prioritized the unforeseen challenges and conflicts as being what prevented them from meeting their aspirations to operate seamlessly across physical and digital channels.