Data & Analytics Consulting

Vorys eControl can help guide clients regarding technologies that are best for their goals, and how to best use technology and data in an overall enforcement program. We have experience working with a myriad of data and technology providers across the country, and we can provide insights and recommendations on which data and technologies we believe would best fit their situation. We also can provide counsel regarding foundational policies and enforcement services that augment brands’ current service providers, an important step to them obtaining their desired results.


Seller Identifications

We have a team that helps companies identify anonymous online sellers. We leverage years of experience, relationships with service providers, state-of-the-art technology, advanced online investigative techniques, a database of sellers we have identified over the years and, when necessary, our subpoena power to obtain and inform our clients of the identity of anonymous sellers. This information is extremely valuable in not only identifying sellers, but also in unraveling large grey market diversion schemes. When necessary, we know the points at which to subpoena to uncover valuable information and do this efficiently. By combining our databases with our capabilities, we provide a comprehensive service that can uncover the identities of anonymous unauthorized sellers.


Volume-Based Enforcement

Vorys eControl enforcement attorneys and staff help brands efficiently conduct enforcement online. We have developed processes, templates and procedures to conduct high volume enforcement in a manner that can fit a variety of budgets. We identify sellers, prepare and send cease and desist letters and draft complaints to specific sellers, and stop diversion schemes. As part of this enforcement, Vorys attorneys also will negotiate with targeted sellers to remove listed products and to commit to not sell them in the future.



Vorys eControl will recommend escalated enforcement when online violators refuse to comply or when an unauthorized seller’s damage to a brand has significant impact.  Our experience allows us to efficiently prepare and send draft complaints, and, when necessary, pursue litigation on our clients’ behalf.  We are aware of no other firm globally that can match our experience in eControl-related litigation.  Our team includes dozens of litigators who have tried more than 150 cases in jurisdictions across the country. We have also led the development and successful prosecution of innovative legal theories against unauthorized sellers.



We regularly provide reports to clients that detail the effectiveness of our enforcement results and proposed next steps. We have developed a reporting system that allows for efficient and customized tracking of relevant data. Many clients request reports that are customized so they can be easily shared across departments and stakeholders.