What Is a Strategy Consultation?

The Vorys eControl Strategy Consultation is specifically designed to educate internal stakeholders on the business and legal strategies critical to controlling online marketplace sales to protect brand equity, and improve both revenue and profit.

Our strategy consultations are custom tailored to address your company’s unique eCommerce challenges, which may include one or more of the following among others:

  • Lack of control over online sales
  • Unauthorized sellers
  • MAP difficulties
  • Channel conflict between online and offline channels
  • Erosion of brand equity

We draw upon our experience advising hundreds of companies – from the largest consumer goods companies in the world to niche product companies – to provide thought-leading, integrated solutions that have helped our clients solve these problems and achieve their specific commercial goals.


What Is Included In a Strategy Consultation?

Strategy consultations can be conducted virtually or in person.  If done virtually, we leverage a video-conference and screen-shares.  If done in person, we bring a team of Vorys eControl professionals to your company for the strategy consultation.  In either case, the goal of the meeting will be to educate key internal stakeholders on how your company can best achieve control over online sales and leverage that control to drive desired commercial outcomes through an eControl program, as well as how an eControl program can be most efficiently implemented in your organization.  .

Specifically, strategy consultations include the following:

  • Data Driven Business Impact Assessment - We will examine metrics to determine the financial impact of your online sales challenges, including impediments to not only online sales growth, but also brand equity, the willingness of channel partners to invest in your brand, and general interference with your overall sales and profit growth.
  • Market Trends and Marketplace Dynamics - We will review online marketplace trends, how Amazon works, why this creates pressure and friction for brands and why MAP policies (and other fragmented approaches) alone will not adequately help companies control sales or protect brand equity.
  • eControl Program Tutorial - We will explain the design and implementation of the eControl program and how it provides a legally compliant foundation to control sales and enforce against unauthorized online selling.
  • 360 Marketplace Cleanup Overview - We will explain the holistic marketplace cleanup approach best suited to your business and commercial goals, leveraging monitoring, seller identification, diversion diagnostics, legal enforcement, root cause identification and marketplace techniques.
  • Channel Strategies and Management Considerations - We will highlight a number of considerations relating to channel strategies and channel management practices that may be exacerbating online sales issues.

Who Leads the Strategy Consultations?

Our strategy consultations are led by our most experienced eControl leaders.  Our team has conducted hundreds of these sessions and we will look forward to providing your company with the benefit of our collective knowledge. 



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Our team includes attorneys who have years of experience working with brands to develop effective strategies that control sales and protect brand equity.